Who we are.

I relocated my family to these BEAUTIFUL mountains and I can still say that we ABSOLUTELY love it here! My husband and I would vacation to this area from Florida year after year, and every time we would come we did NOT want to leave. We decided that last trip that we felt like we really did belong here and wanted to raise our children here. Before the move, I had been a Firefighter/Paramedic in Jacksonville, FL for 8.5 years and my husband had worked at the hospital in Gainesville,Fl for 11 years. We made a decision that we had to figure out a way to make the BIG move and after 2 years of planning and preparation we did it! We have enjoyed so much of what the North Georgia Mountains has to offer in terms of recreation and fun. My two children would agree that the mountains have had a way of making our souls sing! If you are on the fence, or have never been to this area; I highly recommend taking the trip. Our lakes our crystal blue, our skylines are painted with mountain tops, springs bubble out of the mountains into creeks & waterfalls, and the people here more often than not are so friendly and pleasant to be around. If you’re ready for your soul to start singing too, contact me. The perfect home for  you is here in the North Georgia Mountains!


"Kendra is knowledgeable, but not at all pushy. She listened to us and got to know us before showing us properties. Then she showed us a wide range of options to help us refine the best fit for our budget, our age, and our dreams. Shopping with Kendra was just downright fun! She not only showed us  properties for sale, but she sold the area by taking us to see the local sights and telling stories of her own experiences here. I highly recommend working with this talented young lady who we now consider our friend" Bena Ball

"Kendra is amazing. Listened to everything that we had to say and never made us feel uncomfortable during any point of the process. Would highly recommend working with her."  John Spaulding